JYWY is committed to the development and sales of electronic components for nearly 20 years, especially in the field of automotive electronics. We understand that the rapid development of the automotive industry is the future trend, the importance of environmental protection and energy conservation for the future of humanity. Today, mobile phones and cars have became indispensable partners in modern life. JYWY uses its own advantages to independently design and develop cup-type phone chargers in car. Products that provide consumers with innovative and practical appearance and performance to meet different levels of consumer demand. These products are very popular among customers of auto 4S shops and auto parts stores. We are flexible in handling different customized order .Welcome to contact us for more information!

3.1A Dual USB Ports Cup type phone charger in car Specially be designed for water cup holder

Product Parameters:
Name :3.1A Dual USB Ports Cup type phone charger in car Specially be designed for water cup holder
Input Voltage                  DC12-24V                                                                                                                                             
USB Voltage   DC5.0V
USB electric current 3.1A
Working Termperature -20+40C
USB Type Dual USB
Jack Socket Power 40W (For Normal Jack Socket)  100W (With cigarette light up function Jack Socket)
Color Blue,Sliver
Size 95mm*55mm*89mm
Material ABS+PC

Cup type multi-function car charger Specifications:
1. The product is a cup car charger with card slot, expansion cigarette lighter socket, charging together. 
2. The card slot is for high speed toll, parking card, payment card, name card and so on. 
3. It expand one original cigarette lighter socket and it can charge two, the output voltage is same with original car cigarette socket and it can charge two device at the same time(example: GPS, Car DVR and so on). 
4. High power output, to meet the use of cigarette. Directly lights cigarette with original car cigarette lighters of the car. 
5. Dual USB interface, enough charge mobile phone and tablet PC at the same time. 
6. Automatically monitor and the LED screen of car charger show real-time voltage. 
7. Matters needing attention: when insert cigarette lighter to the cigarette lighter socket, plsuse hand to hold it for 7-8 seconds, then pull out before it popped out, it can avoid scald.

Cup type multi-function car charger Feature :
1. Fasion Design
2. Four devices can be Charging simultaneously
3. Touch button without repeated insertion and removal
4. Expand control of cigarette lighting,
5. Upgrade voltage detection and monitor battery health
6. 3.1 A electric current,Mobile phone and Ipad can be charged at the same time,
7.Smart Chips,High compatibility charging
8 .Bold power cord for high security
9. With card slot, can be used to place the pass card, convenient and beautiful
10. High definition digital display tube.
11. 140W High power, great value for car refrigerator to be cool summer, to be heating cushion for warm in winter