JjiaYuanWeiYe Electronic Co. Ltd. have always followed the responsibility system management, adhered to the principle of good faith, applied scientific management methods, and introduced advanced management software and concepts. We have always considered our attitudes and details to determine everything. We are very clear, only to ensure that customers,Employees, shareholders benefit, companies can grow healthily and steadily!
Mission: Create Green Products Overflowing with Creativity,Make People‘s Lives Full of Energy!

The customer‘s demand is our motivation and direction. We always adhere to the customer‘s needs as the direction, and work around the customer‘s needs. The customer is the basis for our survival! Appeals to create fast, convenient, safe and reliable customers through the efforts of all employees of JjiaYuanWeiYe Electronics!
Cooperation mechanism: Customer First, Service First, is our starting point and end point. How to maintain all the company‘s departments and colleagues has been able to grow around the company‘s adherence to the route, in order to win the trust of customers with integrity and responsibility, the overall induction strategy line is adhere to the internal taking the process mechanism and externally adhering to a transparent system, we allow our customers to see our hard work and work standards, allow customers to score for themselves, focus on the concept of integrity, implement the system management mechanism on the work, and conduct mutual inspection and supervision strategies from top to bottom and achieve orders. After the release, someone is responsible!

Some people perform, some supervise, some people conclude, some people practice rewards and punishments! The protection of the needs of customers can be achieved in many aspects within our mechanism. All departments cooperate with each other to ensure that the needs of customers are safe, orderly, timely and effective!
We know that the success of the company is always inseparable from the efforts of every colleague. We are very pleased with the efforts and contributions made by every employee in the JjiaYuanWeiYe electronics family. We will spare no effort to put employees in pursuit of work, opinions, etc. Through humane management methods.The corporate atmosphere and generous benefits reward our colleagues. Through the introduction of advanced professional training, industry seminars, and self-employment training, we strive to improve our staff‘s position in the same position. We can also grow. Sticking to learning-oriented company strategy is our ideal!
Social Responsibility / Environmental Awareness:
As a business enterprise, JjiaYuanWeiYe Electronics always adheres to the legal and reasonable operating mechanism, strives to create more jobs for the society, enthusiastically participates in social public welfare undertakings, and manages through scientific mechanisms to ensure that our main business complies with government regulations and complies with environmental laws. ,adhere to ROHS strategy, even in the daily work to achieve resource conservation, we also benefit from effective controllable costs!
Customers‘ trusted partners.
Warm and trustable team of employees,.
Growth of shareholders‘ confidence.
Industry-recognized trust company.