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Iris recognition market size: rapid growth advantage
Time:2017-09-22 Views:832
Iris recognition is the most secure identification method in biometric technology. It has the following advantages: uniqueness, even using cloning techniques can‘t replicate an iris. And extremely stable, once formed, permanent. The general disease will not cause injury to iris tissue, and will not cause wear and tear due to occupational factors. High anti-counterfeiting, strong biological activity. It is easy to be accepted by the public without the need for user access to the equipment and the physical inviolability. 
At present iris recognition application field is very wide, whether it‘s physical space or in cyberspace, as long as it is personnel identification can be used, including security clearance can use iris, iris, or security on terror were used some terrorists can makeup can even her face, or replace the fingerprint by burns, but the counterterrorism requires accurate recognition, iris is a very important way. At present our technology also in foreign bank ATM machine with iris id card can withdraw money. 
Samsung released a new mobile phone is to use the iris recognition, pay treasure will iris recognition, they are also clearly is a very important in the direction of the iris using in the future, because fingerprints can be fraud, probably through false fingerprints can steal money pay treasure inside, including touch glass cups because fingerprints can steal in security attacks. The management of the public security judicial prison includes the use of the coal mining workers‘ attendance, and the iris also has a wide application prospect in the aspect of access control. 
According to a report by AcuityMarketIntelligence, an American think tank, iris recognition is the fastest growing segment of the consumer market, such as mobile phones and tablets. In 2020 the global biometric market is expected to reach $21.87 billion, including the iris recognition technology of the global biometrics market share, from 7% in 2015 to 16% in 2020, the output will reach $3.5 billion in 2020, the corresponding compound average annual growth of 36.6%. 
Iris recognition is used in mobile phones and is closely related to samsung‘s strong support. Note7 released in August 2016, samsung flagship machine, this is the first time the iris recognition technology for mobile terminal mainstream brands, although affected by the blasts, samsung Note7 was quickly exit the market, but since samsung GalaxyS8 / S8 +, continue to carry the function of iris recognition, fully demonstrated handsets for the recognition of this technology. In 2017, the number of iris mobile phones will be closer to 100 million, according to data forecast. 
In addition to the application of the mobile terminal consumption such as current, coverage is also further expand the iris recognition technology, is widely used in access control attendance, banking and finance, medical social security, information security, legal security and other fields. The author believes that the future iris recognition technology has been opened up in the Chinese market, and the future is expected to be applied in more intelligent terminals and daily areas.